Inside the Opera House, Sydney

We are sure you have seen before lots of photos of the outside…but what about the inside of the huge Opera House of Sydney. We have been there for the Graphic festival and brought you some photos from the belly of this fantastic building.

Discovering Madrid: our suburb “el de las letras”

We can call Madrid our home now. Even if we will continue traveling around the World, we have fixed our residency here. And we love it!! Cause Madrid is easy, nice, cool and full of marvelous people with good business ideas.

This is the suburb of “las letras” (the letters), the name is because once, some of the most important Spanish writers use to live and meet here, in this streets, bars and houses.

Time ago this suburb was dark and crazy, with online night life (and not a healthy one) but now it has been cleaned up and it’s a pleasure to discover it every day.