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Italian ‘aperitivi’ in Madrid, Spain

The “aperitivo” is like a religion in the north of Italy. So, when I (Ana) was living in Milan and Bologna I used to go almost everyday to do it. Is an afterwork where you pay for the drink (always a little bit expensive in Italy) and then you can eat all you want from the buffet. Sometimes there is not a buffet but they give you some food… like “tapas” in Spain, more or less. But the normal thing is that you have a buffet with some pasta, rice salad, pizza… and more.

In Rome you can find it only in Some places. When Fulvio and I lived there we liked the “Monmart”, and the “Oasi della birra”. Two perfect places to have a good aperitivo in Rome with a lot of food.

But we were not expecting to find Italian aperitivos in Madrid. And not only find them, but realized that they can be even better here cause the drinks are cheaper and the food as good as in Italy.  So if you are in Madrid looking for a good afterwork with food and nice ambient, here you have some of our favorite places:


The owners are form Sardegna, this amazing island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. And they’ve managed to create this place with mediterranean soul in the middle of Malasaña. At the “aperitivo” time you can try their small pizza, pasta, salads and risotto. And at lunch or dinner they have tasteful and cheap Italian menus.

  • Adress:C/ Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 25 (Metro Noviciado, Callao, Santo Domingo)
  • Prize: 4,50€ drinks with aperitivo
  • When: Aperitivo Thursday from 20:30 and from Monday to Thursday pizzetta + spritz 6,90€ until 20:30
  • Web: 
  • Facebook page


Pepa Tencha:

A buffet with yummy pasta, some salads, hummus, risotto, and even salmorejo (spanish vegetables cold soup). You can take the aperitivo here from Wednesday to Saturday in a really cool ambient with couches, painted walls and soft lights. If you’re lucky you’ll find there art expos and live shows too.

Aperitivo Pepa Tencha
Italian aperitivo at Madrid, Pepa Tencha
  • Adress: Calle Apodaca 3  (Metro Tribunal)
  • Prize: 4,50€ drinks with aperitivo
  • When: Wednesday-Friday from 21:30
  • Facebook page

Puglia, “the boot’s heel”

Do you know that the Italian peninsula is known as “the boot” because of its shape? Well, if you see this boot, on the heel you’ll find the region of Apulia, or Puglia. And this is the place where we’ll be traveling together today.

We have been several times in Puglia because Fulvio‘s parents have a kind of a house there, which is a pleasure! The area was a little bit more virgin when we visited it 4 or 5 years ago… sadly, today is crowded and more touristic, but still not as much as the rest of Italian coasts.

Our place in Puglia is at a little village called “Torre del Orso” and from there we’ve visited places like Lecce, Otranto, Sant Andrea, and even went to the very end of “the heel” to visit Leucca and the marvelous Gallipoli. This last is and amazing little town in a kind of a peninsula itself.

But Puglia is not only beaches and nice villages, it is also the place to eat so well that you’ll go back home fatter for sure 🙂

Some of the meals you have to try there are ‘orecchiette’ con le cime di rapa (pasta with turnip tops), ‘burrata’ cheese, raw sea food, zuppa di pesce alla Gallipolina (Gallipoli style fish soup), polpi in umido (Stewed octopus)… and much more!

If you need any help planning your travel in Italy or you just want to know a little bit more about Puglia, let us know on the comments, we’ll be happy to help!