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Cervaro, and the ‘deepest’ Italy

Cervaro is a little town in the Province of Frosinone in the Italian region Lazio. It is located in the Liri valley, about 130 kilometres (81 mi) southeast of Rome and about 50 kilometres (31 mi) southeast of Frosinone.

But Cervaro is also Fulvio’s family home, in the middle of Italy, between Rome and Naples. And we love to come here when is possible to visit our Italian family and friends, eat a lot and so good and have a relaxing time surrounded by nature.

The last weekend we made a surprise visit to our Italian family at Cervaro, and it was as great as you can see on the following photos!

During our journey we made a little exploration trip around the “Ciocciaria” area, discovering beautifull places as the “Abbey of Casamari” or the fall in the center of “Isola del Liri”. We always say that “Ciocciaria” is a Tuscany without marketing, or a poorer Tuscany. As beautiful as Tuscany but cheapest and unknown.