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Playa de Vega, a wild dream beach in Asturias

We heard the first time about Vega because of the Summer 2014 catalogue of Pedro Garcia Shoes (brand were Ana is working as a Social Media Strategist). After five or six months seeing these amazing photos we couldn’t  think about other place to spend our holidays.

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Vega Beach is five minutes by car from Ribadesella, so we went to spend all the sunny Sunday there with a couple of friends.

We arrived early so we could enjoy the extensive, wide open to the sea and deserted beach. Unspoiled, almost wild. The water was cold for us (used to the Mediterranean sea) but the sun was hitting hard so we had a refreshing bath in the ocean! A holiday morning that was a dream!

One of our friends from Asturias, Miguel Carrizo,  brought us to the “Superman”  to have lunch. The restaurant and hostel is at the end of the seaside and we couldn’t have gone to a better place! Super yummy food at a really good price with this amazing sea views!


Lunch with friends
Lunch at the Superman, Vega Beach (Asturias)

Puglia, “the boot’s heel”

Do you know that the Italian peninsula is known as “the boot” because of its shape? Well, if you see this boot, on the heel you’ll find the region of Apulia, or Puglia. And this is the place where we’ll be traveling together today.

We have been several times in Puglia because Fulvio‘s parents have a kind of a house there, which is a pleasure! The area was a little bit more virgin when we visited it 4 or 5 years ago… sadly, today is crowded and more touristic, but still not as much as the rest of Italian coasts.

Our place in Puglia is at a little village called “Torre del Orso” and from there we’ve visited places like Lecce, Otranto, Sant Andrea, and even went to the very end of “the heel” to visit Leucca and the marvelous Gallipoli. This last is and amazing little town in a kind of a peninsula itself.

But Puglia is not only beaches and nice villages, it is also the place to eat so well that you’ll go back home fatter for sure 🙂

Some of the meals you have to try there are ‘orecchiette’ con le cime di rapa (pasta with turnip tops), ‘burrata’ cheese, raw sea food, zuppa di pesce alla Gallipolina (Gallipoli style fish soup), polpi in umido (Stewed octopus)… and much more!

If you need any help planning your travel in Italy or you just want to know a little bit more about Puglia, let us know on the comments, we’ll be happy to help!

Palm Beach, paradise just one hour from Sydney

We have no words to describe our surprise when after traveling for just one our by bus from our home in Sydney we arrived to this paradise.

Palm beach is big, quiet and wonderful. The northeast part of the beach is surrounded by trees and plants, with some little dunes that let you take great photos from the top. There is a little street with some bars, shops and houses, but not a lot. And on the southeast corner there is a big natural swimming pool and a walk path with rocks, water, some little animals… as we said, paradise!

If you are planing a travel to Australia or spending some time in Sydney (even for work) this is so near that you can go an return in a morning.

We love great beaches near cities cause you can swim, surf, sunbath and relax after work and thats a privilege!