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Oviedo nights, Asturias

We always feel lucky of having friends around when we travel. This time, at Oviedo, we met our friend Alberto, who’d just moved to this marvelous city in Asturias. We spent one night there with him having a walk around the old city, drinking wine and eating tapas at the “ruta de los vinos” (wine’s route) and having so much fun remembering our time together living in Rome.

Thank you so much Alberto!!



The Descent of the River Sella, Asturias

Every year, on the first Saturday of August, Asturias hosts this colorful festival which has become one of the major events of world kayaking: The International Descent of the River Sella.

But what we didn’t know was that you can always go down the river Sella with a kayak and have a bunch of fun!

Think at it like a sport and adventure experience, but with music, sidra and Asturian food. Yes! That’s possible when you paddle downstream dressed with an ugly wetsuit and with all your money, iphones, cameras and even your shoes in a tight closed cub (to prevent water from wet everything).

The thing works like this: you just need to approach one of the thousands of shops in Ribadesella, Arriondas or Cangas de Onis that plan adventure experiences, most of them do only this “down the Sella” thing.  The cost is 20€ per person an it includes the pick up to the start point and from the end line, the material, and a picnic that you’ll find inside your cube. You cans choose from 2 or three different lengths. We chose the longest one: 17km, From Arriondas to almost Rivadesella.

To this point everything seems pretty normal, an usual adventure trip. But, the surprise comes when you are going down the river, in your red kayak, in the middle of a wonderfully natural place between the “Picos de Europa” and the ocean… and you start hearing music, disco music, really loud disco music! Then you find the first “chiringuito”, a place to have a nice stop over drinking some sidra (or beer, coke, whatever you want) and eat some good Asturian food. So funny! People drinking and dancing on the bank of the river, absolutely Spanish style!

So that was our experience, and we’d love to come back soon. Have you ever been there? What do you think about mixing nature adventure with music and drinks? Let us know in the comments!


Playa de Vega, a wild dream beach in Asturias

We heard the first time about Vega because of the Summer 2014 catalogue of Pedro Garcia Shoes (brand were Ana is working as a Social Media Strategist). After five or six months seeing these amazing photos we couldn’t  think about other place to spend our holidays.

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Vega Beach is five minutes by car from Ribadesella, so we went to spend all the sunny Sunday there with a couple of friends.

We arrived early so we could enjoy the extensive, wide open to the sea and deserted beach. Unspoiled, almost wild. The water was cold for us (used to the Mediterranean sea) but the sun was hitting hard so we had a refreshing bath in the ocean! A holiday morning that was a dream!

One of our friends from Asturias, Miguel Carrizo,  brought us to the “Superman”  to have lunch. The restaurant and hostel is at the end of the seaside and we couldn’t have gone to a better place! Super yummy food at a really good price with this amazing sea views!


Lunch with friends
Lunch at the Superman, Vega Beach (Asturias)

Ribadesella, perfect spot to discover Asturias

Planing the travel we where looking for a place to camp in the north of Spain where we could have fun, surf, discover new natural places, eat and drink well and cheap… and everything in just 8 days. Ribadesella was the answer, even if we didn’t know how good it was until we where there.

Ribadesella, the perfect choice!

Ribadesella, a lovely town by the Cantabric sea, came to be the perfect spot for discovering Asturias in all its facets.  Camping in Ribadesella for a week gave us the opportunity of surfing, visiting the savage beach of “Vega” where the latest Pedro Garcia’s catalogue was shooted, going down the Sella river with a kayak, visiting the Picos the Europa National Park, having diner and drinks in Ovideo and much more.

Ribadesella has a quality urban space with a wide promenade where the river, the estuary, and the sea go with the route along other milestones of this town: as the Mirador de Guía viewpoint or the Beach with its spectacular constructions owned by the so-called Indianos (Spaniards who made good in America) and erected in the beginning of the 20th century.

The rural area offers interesting visits: the popular architecture and manor houses, which belong to former gentry’s families, live together with a rural landscape with wonderful little coves, spectacular geological formations in caves, and dramatic cliffs with its surprising “bufones” (blowholes).

Where to sleep in Ribadesella:

We were trying to stay in the budget so we chose the camping Los Sauces Playa, cheap (22€ per night for 2 people with a tent and a car) and just 10 minutes by walk from Santa Marina Beach, where we had our surf lessons with Santa Marina Surf Camp (we’ll tell you more about the surf school soon).

Eat a lot and pay a little

One of the greatest surprises we had in Asturias was how cheap you can eat a lot of really good meals, from the country or the sea.

After our surf lessons we had some tapas by the sea at the “chiringuitos” placed on the seaside. We recommend the last one, the one near the parking (Calle Ramón y Cajal) cause is cheaper and the tapas and bocadillos (sandwiches) are huge!

To have dinner we went to “La Guía” (by the recommendation of a good local friend) in front of the fish market (la lonja) where we tried one of the best Cachopo (meat with ham and chees) and amazing seafood as percebes, gama roja or navajas.  If you try, you wont regret!

 We also enjoyed other great places near Ribadesella, we’ll tell you soon about Tereñes, the blowholes of Pria, the National Park and more! Keep in touch!

Have you ever been in Asturias? Please share your adventures with us!!

Are you planning to travel to the north of Spain? Tell us on the comments if you need any help!