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The Descent of the River Sella, Asturias

Every year, on the first Saturday of August, Asturias hosts this colorful festival which has become one of the major events of world kayaking: The International Descent of the River Sella.

But what we didn’t know was that you can always go down the river Sella with a kayak and have a bunch of fun!

Think at it like a sport and adventure experience, but with music, sidra and Asturian food. Yes! That’s possible when you paddle downstream dressed with an ugly wetsuit and with all your money, iphones, cameras and even your shoes in a tight closed cub (to prevent water from wet everything).

The thing works like this: you just need to approach one of the thousands of shops in Ribadesella, Arriondas or Cangas de Onis that plan adventure experiences, most of them do only this “down the Sella” thing.  The cost is 20€ per person an it includes the pick up to the start point and from the end line, the material, and a picnic that you’ll find inside your cube. You cans choose from 2 or three different lengths. We chose the longest one: 17km, From Arriondas to almost Rivadesella.

To this point everything seems pretty normal, an usual adventure trip. But, the surprise comes when you are going down the river, in your red kayak, in the middle of a wonderfully natural place between the “Picos de Europa” and the ocean… and you start hearing music, disco music, really loud disco music! Then you find the first “chiringuito”, a place to have a nice stop over drinking some sidra (or beer, coke, whatever you want) and eat some good Asturian food. So funny! People drinking and dancing on the bank of the river, absolutely Spanish style!

So that was our experience, and we’d love to come back soon. Have you ever been there? What do you think about mixing nature adventure with music and drinks? Let us know in the comments!


When we walked around the Uluru

When we walk around the Uluru we were like in a dream. At the beginning we’re so exited about the place and the moment that we didn’t realized what we were up to. So after 7 o 8 km walking we started to be very thirsty and we hadn’t water enough. Shit! We were in the middle of the dessert with no one in sight… So unprepared!

IMG_6385 copia

But then,  just when we though we were going to die of thirst in the red center of Australia, we found a little fountain. “Drink slowly” it said. We tried. And we continued our walk with bottles full of water and ourselves full of confidence.

The 16km walk around this magic place were more than amazing, it was a unique experience that left us exhausted and our sneakers red for months.

We’ve to admite that the travel to arrive in Ayers Rocks and the accommodation there is expensive, but now we can tell you that  worth it. So if you are planning to go and you need some help or information for it just ask us on the comments!


Agnkor Wat by bike

We stayed in Siem Reap for four days. It was the rainy season but we weren’t so unlike (we just have one fun anecdote about it that we’ll tell you on another post). So we could enjoy the place by walk, by yuk-tuk, and by bike!

The second day we visited Agnkor Wat temples (yeah, the ones with the big heads and the trees going into the stone that appear in Lara Croft film) we made it by bike. It was hot and we finished exhausted but experience was amazing and the photos as well.

If you don’t believe it, look for yourself!

Dubai, just sand and skyscrapers

During our trip to Australia we had an stopover in Dubai. We were just curious about visiting our first Arab country so we planned well the journey to maximize the visit.

In the morning we made a city tour visiting the most famous buildings, beaches and suburbs. It was then when we realized the most different thing between Dubai and the cities we had visited before, and that was the absence of a history. It’s not that it hasn’t a history, but they have covered it with huge luxury buildings so week that now it’s very difficult to find it. In summary, the city of Dubai is just a lot of asphalt in the middle of the dessert.

So the most interesting part of the tour was in the afternoon when we went out the skyscrapers, malls and luxury hotels area to explore de real dessert.

Going across the dunes in a 4×4, we felt dizzy and exited at the same time. It was fun and strange and it finished with a dinner in a camp while the locals made some folkloric dances.

Not to repeat… one time is enough for Dubai, but interesting to remember!

How to save for travel and adventures

One of the things that stop more people deciding to travel is money. But the idea that only rich people can travel is wrong. We believe that if you want you can, it’s just not as easy… but nothing great is easy!

Today we’d like to share with you a new idea to save money for big dreams and travels. We found it online last year and we are doing it during 2014. We hope we’ll save enough for a new BIG TRAVEL soon!

Do you know the 52 weeks money challenge? Well, we started it on January 1st but after a couple of weeks we realize it would be really challenging at the end of the year. So now, taking this great idea from the blog “pocket your dollars” we are going to do the opposite.

So, in spite of: Saving increasing amounts each week. Start with $1 during week one. Then, increase your savings by $1 each subsequent week. That means in week 37 you save $37 and on week 52 you sock away $52. Which is the “52 weeks money challenge idea”.

We are doing this: on the first week set aside $52. Then next week, we decrease the amount and save by a buck and set aside $51. On week 37 we’ll save $16 and on week 52 we’ll save a whopping $1. Why? On the blog they have a perfect explanation that we share:

  • Immediate results. After four weeks you’ll have an extra $202. Under the rules of the other challenge you would have saved a measly $10. In fact, it’d take you until week 20 to save $200+ under the other system. After 4 weeks of doing this the PYD way, you’ll have something real and valuable to show for your efforts. Don’t believe that immediate results matter? We do!
  • Get the heavy lifting done. If $202 seems like a lot of money to save in January, then trust it, it’d be an impossible amount for you in December. Let’s do the hard work right now, when our motivation is highest. Then, come next Christmastime we only need to find an extra $10 in our budget. Nice!
saving excel
Excel example for 52 weeks saving
(We are doing it with euros no dollars, but the idea remain the same.)

They even recommend not to save it in a jar… but we love this romantic idea, so at the moment we are still doing it that way. Maybe when the amount is bigger we’ll deposit it in the bank!

Good luck with your savings travellers!!

Sevilla has an special color

“Sevilla tiene un color especial” says the song, and we can confirm it: Sevilla has an special color. Maybe because of her historical buildings, mixing  arabic and catholic heritages, or because of her streets full of people, maybe is the color of the big river, or the “Betis” street on the other side, in the “Triana” suburb. The color of all the tapas and wines, the colors of the maps in the “Plaza de España” and the carriages going around.

It is said that “la lluvia en Sevilla es una maravillas” which means that the rain in Sevilla is marvelous, and after our experience in the Andalusian city we know why; cause when it’s raining you just go from bar to bar eating and drinking amazing things, and meeting friendly people, so yes, it is marvelous!

Soon we’ll make a post giving you some tips and addresses to enjoy Sevilla in your next trips.

Palm Beach, paradise just one hour from Sydney

We have no words to describe our surprise when after traveling for just one our by bus from our home in Sydney we arrived to this paradise.

Palm beach is big, quiet and wonderful. The northeast part of the beach is surrounded by trees and plants, with some little dunes that let you take great photos from the top. There is a little street with some bars, shops and houses, but not a lot. And on the southeast corner there is a big natural swimming pool and a walk path with rocks, water, some little animals… as we said, paradise!

If you are planing a travel to Australia or spending some time in Sydney (even for work) this is so near that you can go an return in a morning.

We love great beaches near cities cause you can swim, surf, sunbath and relax after work and thats a privilege!

The Truffle party, Italy

Campoli Appennino is a little cozy town between the Italian region Lazio and Abruzzo. Driving around you can find this fairy tale place In the middle of the mountains. The day we went there it was the truffle party in town (sagra del tartufo) and that’s been so lucky!

The truffle is a treasure and taste it in so many ways and so cheap was wonderful. We had a walk around the rocky streets, visiting different houses which owners made us taste bread with truffle, pasta with truffle, white truffle.. and so on.

In the main square there was a kind of tent where home cooks were preparing more delicious meals. Heaven!

Take a look to the photos but only with a full belly!