Palm Beach, paradise just one hour from Sydney

We have no words to describe our surprise when after traveling for just one our by bus from our home in Sydney we arrived to this paradise.

Palm beach is big, quiet and wonderful. The northeast part of the beach is surrounded by trees and plants, with some little dunes that let you take great photos from the top. There is a little street with some bars, shops and houses, but not a lot. And on the southeast corner there is a big natural swimming pool and a walk path with rocks, water, some little animals… as we said, paradise!

If you are planing a travel to Australia or spending some time in Sydney (even for work) this is so near that you can go an return in a morning.

We love great beaches near cities cause you can swim, surf, sunbath and relax after work and thats a privilege!

The Truffle party, Italy

Campoli Appennino is a little cozy town between the Italian region Lazio and Abruzzo. Driving around you can find this fairy tale place In the middle of the mountains. The day we went there it was the truffle party in town (sagra del tartufo) and that’s been so lucky!

The truffle is a treasure and taste it in so many ways and so cheap was wonderful. We had a walk around the rocky streets, visiting different houses which owners made us taste bread with truffle, pasta with truffle, white truffle.. and so on.

In the main square there was a kind of tent where home cooks were preparing more delicious meals. Heaven!

Take a look to the photos but only with a full belly!

Snowboarding in Abruzzo mountains, Italy

One of the things we love more about Fulvio’s home town in the centre of Italy is that you can be at the beach in less than an hour but also skiing in one hour and a half.

So during our Christmas travels we always spend a couple of days in Rocarasso, snowboarding and having a lot of fun!!

Which are your favourite ski/snowboard places around the World?


Inside the Opera House, Sydney

We are sure you have seen before lots of photos of the outside…but what about the inside of the huge Opera House of Sydney. We have been there for the Graphic festival and brought you some photos from the belly of this fantastic building.

Discovering Madrid: our suburb “el de las letras”

We can call Madrid our home now. Even if we will continue traveling around the World, we have fixed our residency here. And we love it!! Cause Madrid is easy, nice, cool and full of marvelous people with good business ideas.

This is the suburb of “las letras” (the letters), the name is because once, some of the most important Spanish writers use to live and meet here, in this streets, bars and houses.

Time ago this suburb was dark and crazy, with online night life (and not a healthy one) but now it has been cleaned up and it’s a pleasure to discover it every day.

Familia viajera, papá es italiano, mamá es española y la pequeña V es una ciudadana del mundo