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Living in the DownUnder! Come with us to OZ

When we walked around the Uluru

When we walk around the Uluru we were like in a dream. At the beginning we’re so exited about the place and the moment that we didn’t realized what we were up to. So after 7 o 8 km walking we started to be very thirsty and we hadn’t water enough. Shit! We were in the middle of the dessert with no one in sight… So unprepared!

IMG_6385 copia

But then,  just when we though we were going to die of thirst in the red center of Australia, we found a little fountain. “Drink slowly” it said. We tried. And we continued our walk with bottles full of water and ourselves full of confidence.

The 16km walk around this magic place were more than amazing, it was a unique experience that left us exhausted and our sneakers red for months.

We’ve to admite that the travel to arrive in Ayers Rocks and the accommodation there is expensive, but now we can tell you that  worth it. So if you are planning to go and you need some help or information for it just ask us on the comments!


Newtown Festival, Sydney

Festivals time is almost here!!

And maybe that’s why we suddenly remembered when wi visited the Newtown Festival in Sydney. It was such a great day!!!

The place is the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park and the festival happens each year always second Sunday in November. Yes, November is spring there!!


Palm Beach, paradise just one hour from Sydney

We have no words to describe our surprise when after traveling for just one our by bus from our home in Sydney we arrived to this paradise.

Palm beach is big, quiet and wonderful. The northeast part of the beach is surrounded by trees and plants, with some little dunes that let you take great photos from the top. There is a little street with some bars, shops and houses, but not a lot. And on the southeast corner there is a big natural swimming pool and a walk path with rocks, water, some little animals… as we said, paradise!

If you are planing a travel to Australia or spending some time in Sydney (even for work) this is so near that you can go an return in a morning.

We love great beaches near cities cause you can swim, surf, sunbath and relax after work and thats a privilege!

Inside the Opera House, Sydney

We are sure you have seen before lots of photos of the outside…but what about the inside of the huge Opera House of Sydney. We have been there for the Graphic festival and brought you some photos from the belly of this fantastic building.