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Asia was a big stranger for us the first time we arrived in there. Now we are in love with asian food, we miss each day the colors, the nature, the taste… Wondering on going back to Asia soon, these are the places we have already been in the Asian continent.

The Sacred Monkey Forest, Bali

An afternoon at Ubud, Bali, can became as funny and salvage as this!

These are the photos of our experience with the little monkeys of The Sacred Monkey Forest. The place that inspired the house of “King Lui” in The Jungle Book, the Disney version.

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Bali riding an scooter

Our accommodation in Bali was a paradise an as all good paradises it was far away from everything. Ok, not so far away but far enough to need our own transport.

The motorbike (50cc scooter) is the best way, and sometimes the only option, to move trough the small and crazy streets of Bali. With a car could be impossible and always dangerous, all the paths are narrow and local people use to turn around the corners occupying the whole space. So, we took an scooter.

With less than 5€ per day we rented an old Honda SFX, the same scooter that Ana used to have when she was a teenager! Small and easy to drive discovering all the little Balines towns.

Our first big excursion was going from Ubud to Amed, a tiny fishing village in the North-East of the isle.  It was a long journey, 4 hours with to stop overs to see the Goa Lawah temple, famous because on its cave full of bats (they say is sacred, we found it a little bit scary) and the second stop at  Tenganan, the only village remained from the ancient Balines culture.

Ubud to Amed
Discovering Bali on an old scooter, form Ubud to Amed


Here you have the map of our route, and of course… photos!!

Rumah Capung, home of the Dragon Fly

Home of the Dragon Fly but even our home during our ten days in Bali. Located 8 mins to Ubud, the most artistic town in the island, this property has extraordinary views of rice fields, coconut groves, and the Batur and Agung Mountains.

After entering the antique Gate we were welcomed by English/Balinese speaking owner and the super nice staff (more Balinese than English speaking but we understood each others with mimic), who live at the Villa to be of assistance to guests, friends, and family.

Rumah Capung private terrace
We used to have breakfast in this private terrace with views

The place is magic, and the two guys living there to help us where amazing, they even found us a motorbike and everything we needed during this dreamed days.

They used to prepare our breakfast and take it to our private terrace with views.  For lunch and dinner if you don’t want to go out you can order it (with their help) to the Budha place ad it will arrive yummy and tasty!

The salt water pool is a plus, and you can even have massages on the place, viewing the rice fields. As we said before, a dream!!

Jump in the swimming pool
Jump in our swimming pool in Ubud, Bali

Find more info and contact details about the place here.

Agnkor Wat by bike

We stayed in Siem Reap for four days. It was the rainy season but we weren’t so unlike (we just have one fun anecdote about it that we’ll tell you on another post). So we could enjoy the place by walk, by yuk-tuk, and by bike!

The second day we visited Agnkor Wat temples (yeah, the ones with the big heads and the trees going into the stone that appear in Lara Croft film) we made it by bike. It was hot and we finished exhausted but experience was amazing and the photos as well.

If you don’t believe it, look for yourself!

Dubai, just sand and skyscrapers

During our trip to Australia we had an stopover in Dubai. We were just curious about visiting our first Arab country so we planned well the journey to maximize the visit.

In the morning we made a city tour visiting the most famous buildings, beaches and suburbs. It was then when we realized the most different thing between Dubai and the cities we had visited before, and that was the absence of a history. It’s not that it hasn’t a history, but they have covered it with huge luxury buildings so week that now it’s very difficult to find it. In summary, the city of Dubai is just a lot of asphalt in the middle of the dessert.

So the most interesting part of the tour was in the afternoon when we went out the skyscrapers, malls and luxury hotels area to explore de real dessert.

Going across the dunes in a 4×4, we felt dizzy and exited at the same time. It was fun and strange and it finished with a dinner in a camp while the locals made some folkloric dances.

Not to repeat… one time is enough for Dubai, but interesting to remember!