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#2ontheroad19M a travel style wedding

A travel inspired wedding

Yes, we got married a couple of months ago, and obviously the theme couldn’t has been other than TRAVELS. There were so many things, so many details and it was the funniest day of our lives, a big party with best friends, as we’ve always dreamed! We’ll try to resume it in some points:

1.The invitation: boarding pass + website + newsletter + whatsapp

We made a website with zankyou to put in there all the information about the event, to help our guests to find the best tickets and accommodation and to give them some tips about Madrid and surroundings. We add a section about fashion tips too! And obviously, there was a section about our BIG TRAVELS around the World, telling everybody our idea of honeymoon.

wedding web 2ontheroad

To share this page we started sending a newsletter to some of the youngest guests 4-5 months before the wedding. Later, we also share the link with some whatsapp to other people who doesn’t read the email so often.

And a couple of months before the DAY we sent (or give by hand) the invitation which was a boarding pass with QR codes that linked to the website too. To design this boarding pass we had the help of Save the Date Project. They’ve been amazing with us during the whole process and they’ve understood our idea from the very beginning making so easy to work with them.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-01 a las 16.02.39
Boarding pass designed by Save the Date Project

2.The idea, catering and deco

Finding a different place, a different catering, a different idea… making a different wedding is not easy. The easiest way is to take the «normal» things that everybody want and just pay for it and let it go. But the problem was that we don’t like conventional weddings. We like to attend to them when we see our friends happy with this style, but we didn’t like it for us, it wasn’t our style, it wasn’t us. So the most difficult thing at all was to find different providers to make it happen.

La Mojigata was the key for that, the beginning and the perfect unconventional wedding. Without her, her team, and all the people and other providers involved thanks to her, it would has been impossible to do it. On her blog you can see this post about our day. If you can’t read in Spanish you can just see the photos, they are great!

We told Natalia (La Mojigata) our idea about travels, we told her our story and we started to dream, go crazy, look for impossible things, create the magic… The result was the perfect party, the most «Ana & Fulvio» party ever.


3.The location

If finding the catering and the rest of providers was difficult, finding the location at Madrid was the worst part. La Mojigata has a perfect industrial place in Carabanchel, but we were out of capacity as we had 150 guests and the place can only hold (legaly) 100 people. We needed a place with these chatecteristics:

  • For 150 people or more
  • In the center of Madrid (because everybody was coming to Madrid from abroad or from different cities in Spain and we wanted to make it easy for all of them)
  • With the alternative style and mood that we were looking for.

So, after looking for it desperately during a couple of months, we found the perfect place: Espacio Muele 36


4.The Bride look

As you may imagine, if everything was unconventional, the look of the bride couldn’t be classic.

5.The Party!

The entrance: coffe, music, greatings and the customs


The ceremony: in front of the mapa mundi with our best frieds as testimonies and more fantastic friends making the talks and translations.


Italy, the beginning of our love story


Spain, and the crazy Spanish


Magic show, drinks, dance, and a surprise flashmob!


Dinner at Australia and South Asia (our first big travel)

fin fiesta pad thai

And after midnight: the bride changed her shoes and he party continued because Madrid is so much fun!

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