Costa da Morte, the death coast in northern Spain

The north of Spain is unknown for most foreigners. It’s so usual to hear different languages when traveling around Andalucia, when sunbathing at the White Coast in Alicante or Valencia, when sightseeing Madrid or Barcelona… but it’s not so usual to find some of this turists in the north.

However, there is one place, or attraction, in the north which is well known around: El Camino de Santiago (the path to Santiago de Compostela). There are several books and films about it and people from all over the World come to try the path, or only a piece of it. Sometimes for religious motives, sometimes as a challenge, but most just to have a different holiday.

During the last year, we’ve being living between Madrid and Galicia, and Galicia is the region in the North-Ovest of Spain (upon Portugal) where Santiago de Copostela is. But Galicia shouldn’t only be famous because of “the camino”. During the last months we’ve learned how amazing can this region be. Today we wanted to show you one of this things: THE “COSTA DA MORTE”

We love the “Costa da Morte”, and we’ve done several routes by car from Coruña, our actual city, to Finisterra and even a little bit down. Stopping at Barrañan Beach, Caion, Muxia; eating the best seafood at Malpica and Roncudo; and enjoing the breathtaking “end of the World” at Finisterre.


Some tips:

Eat at Quinito: Is a bar/restaurant at Barrañan beach where you can eat what locals eat: seafood, good fish, tortilla de patata,… and all this having the best views ever!  [Restaurante O Quinito: Calle Punta da Alta, 16, Chamín, 15144 Arteixo]

A beer at Caion beach: if you stop at Caion and you’re lucky with the weather you can take a beer at the “chiringito” on the beach. [Playa de Caión,15146 A Laracha, A Coruña]

Percebes at Roncudo: You can arrive at the “Faro” (light house) and see the white crossings for the “percebeiros” that have died taking these seafood from the rocks. Then, stop in any restaurant of the little town and try them to understand why they are so requested even if they’re really difficult and dangerous to be taken. [Faro Roncudo, 15114 Ponteceso, A Coruña]

Avoid the highways: If you wan’t to enjoy the real Galicia, try to avoid the higway and the big streets, keep the coast as much as possible and pass through the little towns and the fields.

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