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Where to eat cheap in Rome, Italy

Where to eat cheap as a Roman at Rome, Italy

Little things to consider: Italy is not cheap, and Rome could be even more expensive, so to eat cheap at Rome is not as easy as in Spain.

A cheap lunch in Rome will be around 12 and 17 euros pax and the cheapest dinner won’t be under 15-20 euros. This is the touristic Italy! Having this clear, we’ll give you some names of places where we used to go when we lived in Rome. Bars and restaurants where we would take you if we were there traveling all together!


Trattoria “Luzzi” Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88 tel: 06.7096332

It’s a classic trattoria romana where you can eat the most typical meals of the capital as “coda alla vacinara” (is a modern Roman oxtail stew, made from oxtail and various vegetables). We recommend you to take an unique plate of pasta and if you are really hungry you can even take and antipasto to share before.

Average prize: 12euros pax



“Cacio e Pepe” Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11 tel. 06 3217268

How to arrive:

Take the underground to Lepanto station and walk from there.

Here you will find the best «Carbonara» pasta of Rome, Fulvio says that is the best of the World! You can sit at the street on these tiny tables with square pattern tablecloths full of people who works near there, is not a super truistic place. We recommend you to take the Carbonara and white wine «de la casa». Take the coffee in a different place.

Average prize: 12euros pax



To spend a night at Trastevere is always a good idea, but you need to prepare yourself for crowded streets and restaurants.

«Pizzería Carlomenta» Via della Lungaretta, 101 tel.06 580 3733

You will probably find a queue at the door because is good end with good prices. So patience, you will have a table in 15 minutes more or less.



Osteria “Miraggio” Via della Lungara 16 tel. 06 6875319 (mapa 3.B)

Tipical Trastevere’s food, pasta, pizza and a lot of antipastos. It is a little bit farer from the most crowded streets but near enough to arrive by foot.


AT SAN LORENZO (our suburb)

«La Fraschetta» Via degli Equi 44 (mapa 4.A)

Here you’ll find really good sandwiches stuffed with tasty ingredients, choosing yourself what you want inside.

Average prize: 4-5 euros


«Formula 1» Via degli Equi, 11 (mapa 4.B)

Super delicious pizzas and one of the best fried antipasto (fritti).

Average prize: 18 euros pax




The «aperitivo» in Italia is a cultural thing. It use to be between 7pm and 9pm and is like an after work with more food than drinks. In the north, as Milan, is more tipical and you can find it almost in every bar, but in Rome is not so usual. There are two places with a good aperitivo that we like cause you can have dinner paying 10 euros for each drink and eating as much as you want. So, taking a couple of drinks and eating a lot you’ll pay just 20 euros.

Important: AS the aperitivo is from 19:30 to 21:30 in theses places as soon you go as much you’ll eat, if you arrive late the aperitivo will be finished and the normal dinner (ordering food and paying it separately) will start.

«Monmart» Viale 21 Aprile

How to arrive: take the underground to Piazza Bologna station and walk from there.

Chic and cool place with wood oven. Pizzas are great and included in the aperitivo.

momart mejor aperitivo roma comer low cost

«El Oasi della Birra» Piazza Testaccio, 38

Como llegar: Take the underground or bus to Piramide station.

This is at one of the suburbs with more young ambient in Rome, you’ll find also pubs and discos there. In this aperitivo you will take a lot of good things to it and a huge menu of beers!

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