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Sevilla has an special color

Betis Street

«Sevilla tiene un color especial» says the song, and we can confirm it: Sevilla has an special color. Maybe because of her historical buildings, mixing  arabic and catholic heritages, or because of her streets full of people, maybe is the color of the big river, or the «Betis» street on the other side, in the «Triana» suburb. The color of all the tapas and wines, the colors of the maps in the «Plaza de España» and the carriages going around.

It is said that «la lluvia en Sevilla es una maravillas» which means that the rain in Sevilla is marvelous, and after our experience in the Andalusian city we know why; cause when it’s raining you just go from bar to bar eating and drinking amazing things, and meeting friendly people, so yes, it is marvelous!

Soon we’ll make a post giving you some tips and addresses to enjoy Sevilla in your next trips.

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  1. Seville is the most beatiful place in Spain!!!

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